Shaolin: Inside the 36 Chambers @ Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art

Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art
1000 Richmond Terrace Building C & G
Staten Island, NY

Opening Reception: March 10 2018

Shaolin: Into the 36 Chambers is a group exhibition curated by local artist Jahtiek Long. Located in the Commons Galleries of the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, this exhibit pays homage to, explores, and celebrates Staten Island’s culture and cultural identity. Playing on the name given to Staten Island by the Wu-Tang Clan, Shaolin highlights the work of more than 15 artists from all corners of the borough, including:

Featured Artists:
Kevin Barker, Raul Barquet, Ashley Benedict, H.H. Coatl, Christine Cruz, Chelsea Rea Fioravanti, Goyart, S.B. Kosinski, Emily Long, Harry Magzul, Chris Malfi, Liz Mazolini, Shawn McArthur, J. Montana, Emily Perina, Gina Policastro, Tony Quera, Chris RWK, Katinka Sattar, Jay Sayers, Lawerence Schau Jr., Keri Sheheen, Tabitha Lee Turchio, Gene Wagner, Wann